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Frequently Asked Questions



juLuv is free -- so what can I do to repay you?


People often ask us why we don't charge for set-ups -- since matchmaking is typically a costly service.  We have developed the concept of "Mitzvah Matches" because we love giving the gift of one-on-one matches to deserving and like-minded singles.


However, if you have been set-up and you are inclined to give back, we graciously accept donations,  through our PayPal link, which helps us keep up with the maintenance of this platform as well as host occasional events.  We hope to continue providing complimentary matchmaking for a long time to come!

If I fill out your form, when can I expect to be contacted?


After filling out our form, there is no guarantee when you will be contacted -- it all depends on when we find the right potential match for you.  Please check in with us if you have any questions or additional information about yourself that you'd like to share (other than what you listed on our form).  We promise to be in touch with you when and if we find you a match.


Why can't I schedule my own date?


After careful consideration, we have found that setting up an introduction is actually much smoother, quicker and less stressful when we schedule it for you.  We work hard to ensure that both parties are happy with our choice of venue.  Our form asks about your dietary restrictions as well as what part of town you live in, so we definitely take these things into account.  In addition, we also factor in restaurant noise level, price and ability to park.  If you have additional requests that you would like to make, please be sure to indicate this in the notes section of our form.

How many matches are actively being made?


The number of complimentary matches being made is approximately 10 per month (i.e. 10 matches made in total, so 20 individuals served).  However, this number may fluctuate based on time, number of individuals in the database, as well as the amount of support that juLuv receives to continue offering a complimentary matching option.  To support juLuv's matchmaking efforts, please click here.


What makes this different than other dating services?

juLuv has no database for you to search.  juLuv is private and does not publicize who is in the database.  We are not an online dating site, but rather, a private matchmaking service that aims to find great matches for like-minded singles -- without any work for you!


What if I am just not interested in someone that you try to set me up with?


We work hard to match up like-minded individuals who are looking for similar things in a relationship.  While we certainly encourage you to trust our recommendations and be open-minded, there is never an obligation should we attempt to set you up with someone who you are simply not interested in meeting.


If I meet someone through juLuv and I am not interested in seeing them again, whose job is it to "break it off"?


If you don't want to see your match again, it is up to you as to whether you would like to be the one to call it off or whether you'd like us to do that for you. As matchmakers, we are comfortable with handling this aspect -- we ask that you please just let us know so that we know how to best proceed.

Who is expected to pay for the first date?


There are no official rules in terms of who is expected to pay for the date.  While there is a historical expectation that it is typically the man who picks up the check, this is not necessarily a practice that juLuv either promotes or opposes.  We feel that the most polite way of handling the check is for both parties to at least offer, regardless of who actually winds up paying.

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