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How It Works

We believe in the "blind date" model because of its proven success, therefore we set up couples on actual dates, rather than just passing out a person's contact info. 

As a member of the juLuv database, you may hear from us right away and you may not -- this depends on whether we think we have the right match for you.  Because this is a hobby matchmaking service, there are no guarantees.  We are continuing to actively matchmake - but as volunteer pursuit.  We always suggest that juLuv be another option for your dating life, not the only one.
If/when we contact you about a match, we kindly ask in return for your communication in a timely manner.

To become a member of the service:

If/when matched:

  • One person will first be contacted by Matchmaker, receiving only a first name + pertinent details about the other party. (Note that one person always has to be contacted before the other to avoid a conflict).

  • If/when both parties agree to the introduction, each party will provide Matchmaker a few options for availability for a date -- for example:

    • Tuesday, March 7th at 7 p.m.

    • Thursday, March 9th at 8 p.m.  

  • Each party will be given the same date/time + suitable "meet" venue (we tend to prefer dinner dates at a quiet and moderately priced restaurant - but are often to both parties preferences).

  • Parties will refrain from canceling except in the case of an emergency, at which point they will give Matchmaker at least 12 hours notice of cancellation.

Before the Date:

  • Matchmaker will provide each party with all pertinent information about the date, including time/date/location, as well as their date's cell phone # in case of emergency only (e.g. someone is running late, trouble finding one another, etc.).​ There is otherwise no need to reach out beforehand.  

Ending the Date:

  • Even in the situation where the date has gone well, there is no need to ask the other person for a second date at that time (although that is certainly within your boundaries to do should you feel strongly).  We usually encourage each party to end with a simple "nice meeting you" and then follow up Matchmaker in order to avoid any potential awkwardness or embarrassment.

  • For guidance on paying for the date, please see FAQ - Who Should Pay?

What Happens Next?

  • After the date, each party will promptly provide Matchmaker with feedback, including whether you want to see this person again.  This allows Matchmakers to track and evaluate the system’s success as well as to provide constructive feedback.

  • If both parties agree that they would like to see each other again, Matchmaker gives guidance to proceed with scheduling a second date, which the parties do on their own.  If either party is not interested, Matchmaker will respectfully communicate this with the other individual, and when possible, will give as much feedback as possible in order to provide constructive improvement opportunities.

  • If the parties continue dating, we'll occasionally check in to see how things are going - and lend any advice we can along the way.  Many times, having a Matchmaker involved in the early stages of meeting someone can help pave the way for a successful relationship!

Respect the Rules

  • Change your status with our service if you become unavailable for matching.

  • Reply to Matchmaker in a timely fashion -- we cannot successfully perform this service without your full cooperation.

  • Be receptive to the service’s rules and know that they were developed for a reason!

  • Cancel within 12 hours if you cannot make your scheduled date.

  • Share this service with like-minded singles who may be interested!

* An individual's continual departure from the rules will result in removal from the system.

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