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With hundreds of Mitzvah matches made since 2013, we have been fortunate to receive countless positive testimonials regarding juLuv's free, personal approach.  While not every match turns out to be "the one," we are proud to have successfully helped many couples find their besheret.

“I don't live in a heavily populated Jewish area of Atlanta and by taking advantage of your matchmaker services, I have been able to meet and befriend single Jewish women who meet the criteria of my wish list.  It's comforting to know that Beth "has my back," and that I'm free to "be myself" when I meet these women without any fear of judgment from her.  You're doing a wonderful mitzvah by offering this service.”

Jeff, age 49 (set up multiple times through juLuv)

“I was a little skeptical when Jenna first approached me about joining her pool of eligible singles, but she quickly reassured me that there was no commitment and that I would not be pressured into going on any dates.  She took the time to get to know me and determine who to set me up with based on my personality and what I’m seeking in a partner.  I think that anyone who is already comfortable with online dating will find that working with Jenna is a much more enjoyable and fun way to meet Atlanta Jewish singles.”

Mark, age 35 (set up twice through juLuv)

“I came across a post on Facebook about Jewish Atlanta singles matchmaking. I figured I had nothing to lose, as this idea seemed brilliant and free! Within a week or so of signing up and giving out my checklist of criteria, Jenna emailed me with a greeting message and a potential match. She and I went back and forth discussing different people. Through my pickiness, Jenna was persistent and never gave up. I can tell she was working hard when I had almost one suggestion every week or two. Having never met Jenna, she stood in there for me like a friend in the hopes of finding me a nice Jewish boy!”

Jen, age 24 (set up multiple times through juLuv)

“As a busy professional, Jenna made it easier to filter out people that I might not have had much in common with.  She asked about my interests and what I enjoy and was able to connect me to an amazing person, who shares a lot of my interests and likes. I could not be happier about her matchmaking abilities and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to meet a friend, significant other, life partner or husband/wife.”

Brett, age 32 (in a relationship through juLuv)


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking an interest in introducing me to "the perfect match.” Beth and Jenna demonstrate a sincere interest in wanting people to be happy. They are persistent yet patient in making introductions. They genuinely care about the people they work with and demonstrate their concern for people through their actions - not just their words. It's an honor to work with people who genuinely want people to be happy. Thank you for your time, patience, and sincerity. I truly appreciate you.”

Mike, age 52 (set up 2 times through juLuv)

“Beth Friedman is a kind, compassionate matchmaker. She listens to what you are looking for and does her best to find an appropriate match. She is quick to return messages and offer suggestions.”

Rachel P., age 42 (set up 2 times through juLuv)


“Beth is a very proactive, positive person and set me up with men within my age range. If one wasn’t the right fit, she had another one waiting. I appreciate Beth listening to my needs – when I needed a break and when I was ready to try again. Not many people will help with the need to set up singles and I commend her for caring about us!!! She is a wonderful person and such a gift to have on my side!”

Robin, age 44 (set up 3 times through juLuv)


“Jenna's passion for bringing people together was apparent in our first conversation. She listened closely to the qualities that mattered most to me in a match and discussed her process.  A few days later she excitedly called with someone fabulous to introduce me to.  So far we've gone out on two dates and have really connected.  Jenna's encouragement and coaching have made a big difference as well, especially her personalized suggestions on ways to bring out and share my best qualities.  These are just some of the things that set her services apart from anything on the internet and I would recommend this service to anyone Jewish in Atlanta looking for a meaningful relationship.  Jenna doesn't just work to make great matches -she helps make those great matches work.”

Eric, age 40 (currently dating someone he met through juLuv)


“Jenna is truly skilled at putting two people together that just mesh. She also offers sound first date advice for those that are nervous (like me). I was able to apply what I learned from Jenna for both my first and second dates, and things are looking up from here."

Brian, age 29 (currently dating someone he met through juLuv)



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